Unknown Facts About Cayenne Pepper And Health (Part 1)

Excerpted from "Curing With Cayenne" by Sam Biser

Advice from the greatest living American herbalist: "Very few people today know how to use cayenne pepper, and even less have any actual first hand experience," says Dr. Richard Schulze, the leading herbalist in America today.

"That's a shame," says Dr. Schulze, "because failure to know the information in this chapter can cost you your life."

Dr. Richard Schulze has hundreds of case histories in which he used cayenne effectively to treat many diseases. He has used cayenne in many emergency life-threatening situations. He has used so much cayenne himself that his students, and even the great Dr. Christopher, used to call him by his nickname, "Professor Cayenne".

Unknown Facts About Cayenne Pepper And Health (Part 1)In this exclusive interview you will learn what every household in this country needs to know: how to use cayenne pepper; in an emergency and for the treatment of diseases. In spite of the paper landslide of herbal books, this information is not known. That's because today's herbalists are researchers not clinicians.

Those herbalists who treat people work on mild cases — not the terminally ill, as did Richard Schulze. If what Dr. Schulze learned on the firing line of last-chance medicine can save the dying, then it is also good enough to save those who are less ill.

BISER: How can you say that few people know how to use cayenne. There's nothing to know! You just swallow a few capsules of the stuff

SCHULZE: That's where you and your readers are wrong.

There's plenty to know. First of all, your readers are using the wrong kinds of cayenne. They're too weak. Second, you don't know what forms of cayenne to use, how to administer them, how to prepare them, what dosages to use to get results, and what kinds of cases to use them in.

I didn't learn this from books. The books are useless. I learned it from people who were dying in front of me.

BISER: What do you mean "dying in front of me'? Aren't you being a bit over dramatic?

SCHULZE: Not at all. I have had twenty to thirty people have strokes right in my office, and I saved them long before the ambulance ever arrived.

I was once waiting for a patient, a man in his 50's who had a previous heart attack, and who was just beginning my programs.

He was late, so I asked my secretary to see if he had arrived. His car was parked in the driveway and it looked as if he was sleeping in it. when she went out to wake him up and bring him in, she became hysterical. She came running in and told me he was dead.

I ran out to the car and he was beyond blue, he was slate-grey cold, and did look dead. I saw no breathing and felt no pulse. Now given that situation, what would your readers have done?

BISER: I don't know except call 911.

SCHULZE: That's fine, but if the man is already this far gone, he'll be even worse by the time they arrive.

BISER: So what did you do?

SCHULZE: I put 12 whole dropperfuls of cayenne tincture into the mouth of this literally dead man.

BISER: Isn't that way too much? Couldn't that hurt him?

SCHULZE: Who cares if the man has a sore throat for a week afterward? If you don't do something in seconds, then he's definitely dead.

BISER: So what happened?

SCHULZE: His face began to turn red - before I even started CPR, and we revived him in seconds. The paramedics took him to the hospital, and later I talked with the emergency room physician.

He said that he had rarely seen a person who was so far gone survive. And, he had never seen a person that bad, who had literally no heart damage. I think this can also be attributed to the fact that this man had been taking hawthorn berry concentrates, for months before he ever came to see me. Hawthorn is a known heart protectant.

Here's my point on this whole case: I gave this man 360 drops (30-40 drops per dropperful) of cayenne tincture. This is a dose no one would dream of. Everyone else wimps around with a couple of dropperfuls - and to tell you the truth, they wouldn't even know to use it at all, in this situation.

Secondly this wasn't ordinary cayenne tincture. This was tincture so powerful it makes the stuff you can buy at health food stores and herb suppliers look like colored water. I'll show your readers what no-one has ever told them about making cayenne preparations and using them.

BISER: Is cayenne really that beneficial, or is this more herbal folklore or theory?

SCHULZE: It is far from theory I have had hundreds of patients recover from many diseases using cayenne.

BISER: How can it be good for so many problems?

SCHULZE: It's very simple. It's called circulation. A common denominator with all disease is a lack of circulation, a lack of fresh blood, especially to the area that is sick or diseased.

You can take all of the herbal products you want, drink fresh juices, use super foods like spirulina, alfalfa and wheatgrass, and still be sick.

If the healing properties of these foods don't get to the area that is injured or diseased, you are not going to get well. Cayenne stimulates and increases this blood flow; which gets the blood and the healing nutrition and chemicals to where they are needed most. Cayenne should be an herb which everyone has in tincture and powder. In the kitchen, the bathroom, and in the trunk of your car, so you have it wherever you go.

"There is No Other HerbThat Moves the Blood Faster to the Brain, than Cayenne."

BISER: But, what specific problems is it best for?

SCHULZE: To start with, the brain. The first thing anyone notices when eating cayenne, besides a hot mouth, is a red face and sweat on the forehead and cheeks.

There is no other herb that moves the blood faster to the head and brain than cayenne. Getting more blood to the brain can have great positive effects on stress, vision, thinking, memory and be the first step in healing a brain injury or disease.

It will also keep anyone from fainting or losing consciousness. I dare anyone to pass out with a mouthful of cayenne.

BISER: Did taking cayenne hurt any of your patients?

SCHULZE: Usually only when they eliminate it. It can be as hot coming out as it was going in. Some people are more sensitive to cayenne than others.

If there is no hurry I suggest people start with a little, 2 or 3 times a day and work themselves up to, say 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day But, people who are sensitive to it, can start with as little as 1/8 teaspoon, once or twice a day

"Cayenne is the Surest First Aid Remedy for a Heart Attack."

BISER: What about strokes? I've heard it helps.

SCHULZE: I have had at least 20-30 patients over the years who have had a stroke right in my waiting room. Once I had an elderly man in my office and was giving him an iridology exam. As I was examining his eyes through a magnifying glass, I saw his blood vessels enlarge, then explode right in front of me. Then he fell to the floor with a stroke. I gave him a mouthful of cayenne tincture, and he walked home. I have seen many patients, in the midst of a stroke, come out of it right away by immediately giving them cayenne pepper.

BISER: How much?

SCHULZE: A heaping tablespoonful in a glass of warm water, or 10 dropperfuls of tincture. This is also the same treatment and dosage for someone having a heart attack.

BISER: Is cayenne really effective for heart attacks and heart disease? I know that Dr Christopher used to say so, but I have never really known anyone to use it.

SCHULZE: Cayenne is most effective for heart and blood circulation problems, and for angina pectoris, palpitations, and cardiac arrhythmias. It's a miracle for congestive heart failure. It is a specific for anyone who has any type of circulatory problems, such as high or low blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and fats, even varicose veins.

With the heart, cayenne is great for prevention as well as for the treatment of disease. It relieves the pain of angina pectoris by helping to get more blood to the heart muscle itself

And, if a person has a heart attack, cayenne is the surest first-aid remedy I have had almost a hundred patients actually save their lives by using a tablespoonful of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water, or 10 dropperfuls of the tincture, and drinking it down fast. In every case, it brought the person right out of it with minimal damage, some with no damage at all.

BISER: Have you ever known cayenne to fail with a heart attack?

SCHULZE: Yes. One man. I talked with his family and they had given him 3 glasses at the onset of a heart attack and he still died. But, he had a cholesterol level of around 600, hypertension, and severely blocked arteries.

Some people are so far gone. This guy needed cayenne years ago. Herbs do work miracles, but, we shouldn't expect them to. If we all took better care of ourselves, we would stand a far better chance when a serious injury or disease surfaces.

But, if there ever was a miracle herb, it is certainly cayenne!

"How I Used Cayenne and Other Herbs to Save a Woman, Who was Dying of Coronary Collapse."

BISER: What about circulatory disease?

SCHULZE: I had a woman rushed into my office from an acupuncturist's office nearby This was a number of years ago. This woman was obese and was slowly dying of congestive heart failure. She was very swollen in her ankles. They were as big around as an average person's thigh.

They had been doing some acupuncture on her ankles and various other areas of her body and, when they took the needles out, she spurted and leaked like a water balloon with pinholes in it. They tried to stop her from leaking and they couldn't.

They brought her into my office and she had these band-aids all over her body and two assistants were holding their fingers over the needled areas. when one of them took their finger off, she squirted water across my office.

The problem with congestive heart failure is, the heart is pumping so weakly with such little force, it can't press the blood through the kidneys with enough force for the kidneys to remove the liquid waste. She was drowning in her own waste and fluids, from the inside.

This was a classic case for cayenne. Not only did I put cayenne tincture where she was leaking, to stop the leaks, but I put her on one teaspoon of cayenne, every other hour. In addition, I had her take one teaspoon of equal parts of ginger root and red clover blossoms on the in-between hours, plus eat about six cloves of garlic a day. These doses were for a very sick, large lady.

Now; with everyone who has any heart or circulation problem --they must be a complete vegetarian during their program, and begin moderate exercise daily I juice-fasted this woman, and I remember her yelling at me, "I am full of water as it is, and you want me to drink more?" And, of course, I did.

BISER: What happened?

SCHULZE: Oh, she got better. It took a whole year for her to be normal because she was so far gone, but, she was out of danger in only a few days.

BISER: So, cayenne is great for congestive heart failure. What about other circulatory problems?

SCHULZE: It increases blood circulation and eases the pain of congested swollen veins. Veins, unlike arteries, have thinner, less muscular walls. Because of this, they easily herniate, swell, and collapse. Cayenne helps the blood move through the veins easier.

It even dissolves clots, and, being a very rich source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, and other vitamin C complex nutrients, it actually strengthens the walls of the veins, and has been proven to clean them and help them regain their elasticity.

I have seen many diabetics, and others, with horrible circulation problems in their legs and extremities -- some so far gone with gangrene they were scheduled for amputation -- who recovered.

Many people just follow one part of a Dr. Christopher routine and expect a miracle to happen. But, if people would follow his whole program, and my whole programs, they really would see miracles happen.

BISER: What are you talking about?

SCHULZE: I have seen many people with very serious circulation problems in their legs and extremities not be helped by Dr. Christopher's marshmallow root bath. People only do part of his programs. To begin with, the marshmallow root is very soothing to damaged tissue. But, when there is a severe circulation problem, you need to do a lot more. Anyone with a bad circulation problem needs to do hot and cold therapy on the legs, or wherever the problem is.

Filling a large tub with hot water, add 4 ounces of cayenne pepper, 4 ounces of ginger root powder and 4 ounces of mustard seed powder. Just put these herbs in a dish towel, tie it closed, and put it in the bath like a big tea bag. You will see the water turn orange. Also, fill a large bucket with cold water plus 10 pounds or more of ice in it. Plastic garbage bins and wastebaskets work well for this.

Put the leg, or whatever, into the very hot bath for 5 to 10 minutes and then immediately into the cold for at least 2 minutes, but 5 to 8 minutes is much better. Do several repetitions of this, but, do, at least, 5.

You will feel the heat of these herbs on the area for hours after. Also, remember to use your cayenne, internally during this routine.

"Cayenne Stops the Bleeding of Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers Immediately."

BISER: What about ulcers? How does cayenne help digestive disease?

SCHULZE: Cayenne is listed in the Merck Index as an official carminative and stomach stimulant. If a person's digestive problems are due to a lack of digestive strength, digestive juices, or stagnation in the stomach, cayenne is a godsend.

Cayenne, first of all, stops the bleeding of stomach and duodenal ulcers. It also increases better circulation in the stomach wall which speeds up the healing process.

Cayenne also stimulates your pancreas to release more hydrochloric acid, enzymes, and even promotes your liver and gall bladder to release more bile. All of these actions increase your digestion.

For digestive problems, a little cayenne can go a long way. It is best to begin with a small amount, like a 1/8 teaspoon, eight times a day and, increase slowly as you feel better.

Cayenne can also be added to aloe vera gel, slippery elm bark and licorice root, to buffer it, if desired. And, all of these additional herbs, also heal the stomach lining.

"Cayenne is Not for All Types of Ulcer Patients."

BISER: Are there some people who shouldn't use cayenne? Such as for burning ulcers?

SCHULZE: Everyone can use cayenne. However, some people should use less to start up, and then use it medicinally, but only for a short period of time. For example, people who tend to Run Hot --- hot, dry, feverish, inflammatory types - should use it periodically, not all the time.

Also, those people with great gastric irritation should use it with caution, but still use it. They may have to avoid it completely while they have ulcers, but they can use it, sparingly later when the ulcer is healed.

Remember people should not abandon their good judgement and common sense, because it says a specific dosage in a book. I always tell my patients to think for themselves; make their own decisions and listen to their inner voice.

"I Have Had Many Patients Run into My Office with Very Deep Lacerations,
to the Bone in Many Cases — that's Right, I Could See the Bone —
and You Pack Cayenne Right into the Wound."

BISER: How about first aid, and saving lives with cayenne?

SCHULZE: Cayenne pepper is, without a doubt, the number one first-aid herb. whenever you have a problem with blood - be it blood loss, disease, clots, or even stoppage - cayenne is the herb of choice. when you think of blood, in any situation, use cayenne.

BISER: What do you mean, 'blood loss'?

SCHULZE: Exactly that. There is no other herb that stops bleeding faster than cayenne. I have used it for all types of bleeding, from cuts to internal hemorrhaging. I have had many patients run into my office with very deep lacerations, to the bone in many cases ---= that's right, I could see the exposed bone ---- and you pack cayenne right into the wound.

BISER: Doesn't that burn like heck?

SCHULZE: That's the surprise. It doesn't burn at all. You think it would, and it does if you take a bath in it or rub it around the body but, on open, fresh wounds, it doesn't. There is so much trauma already with the cut or wound, you don't feel a thing.

I had a young woman who was putting her whole weight behind a jackknife. It collapsed on her finger; with all her weight behind it, and she almost cut her finger entirely off It was spurting blood and the cayenne sealed the wound in seconds. I had another lady who plunged her hand into soapy dishwater, only to discover a large broken glass that cut the tip of her finger right off We packed it with cayenne and there is not even a scar today

I had a man with a 12-inch slice in his leg about 2 inches deep. He would have needed a tourniquet and nearly fifty stitches. But, a few handfuls of cayenne pepper, and some tape, did the job.

Last year; when I was teaching in England, one of the students totaled his very small sports car in a head-on with a Range Rover.

Besides a few broken ribs and multiple bruises, he had a two-inch hole in his knee from the collapsed, broken dashboard that had pinned him in his car. This was in a very remote area of Northern England, and he was brought to the school by the police.

The first thing I did was flush the wound out. I always flush out fresh wounds with what I call an anti-infection tincture which has cayenne in it. I'll give this formula later. It not only begins to stop the bleeding, but it cleans, disinfects, and even seals the wound.

BISER: But, won't cayenne clean and disinfect also?

SCHULZE: Absolutely It stops the bleeding immediately and, the high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C in cayenne also clean and disinfect. With any injury, remember to take cayenne, internally. However, cayenne stops the bleeding so fast --- in two or three seconds ----- and you don't always have time to clean a dirty wound; so, with some wounds, I flush them out first to cleanse them, then I apply the cayenne.

So, I flushed out the wound, and when it was clean, I could see patella ----- the knee cap ---- very clearly. We, then, dusted the wound with cayenne, and packed on a healing poultice. We took tape, and stretched the skin tight to keep it closed. Even I had my doubts with this one because there was so much skin missing. There was, literally a hole in his leg.

The next morning, I cleaned the area with hopes of doing the entire procedure over again, because the night before, we had to do this in a badly lit room, and I figured I had made a mess of it, and now wanted to do it right.

When we peeled back the bandage, the entire class was very surprised. The wound was totally shut, sealed, and looked like a minor cut.

There was a nurse who had assisted me the night before, and she said, that in all her years of hospital work, she had never seen a wound of this severity or, in fact, any wound, heal so quickly and with so little trauma to the area.

She said that she now believes that the majority of wound traumas she saw in the hospital were not caused by the injuries, but by the doctors in their cutting, debriding, endless cleaning, swabbing and disinfecting, and then, finally, their stitching. This was the first time this nurse had actually seen how fast and efficiently the body repairs itself, when no one interrupts nature, and when you use herbs.

"The Bleeding Went from Spurting, to a Slow Trickle, in Two Seconds."

BISER: What about cayenne douches and enemas? You told me about a cayenne douche that saved a woman's life.

SCHULZE: I have used the same routine many times on women, many right after birth, for hemorrhage.

I have attended many births, and cayenne is a wonderful birth herb for mom, the baby and even the midwife and attendants. Last year, when my own wife had our son, she tore a bit.

By the time I put our son on her chest and began to massage him, I noticed that my wife was bleeding quite a bit. when she tore, she ripped through a vein, and, in seconds, had bled a pool about two feet in diameter. I immediately squirted 15 to 20 dropperfuls of cayenne tincture all over her vagina and even a few dropperfuls into it. She was a bit white, so I gave her a dropperful orally also. The bleeding stopped in one second.

I have been in on births when the mom bled severely from the uterus, and also from the placenta detaching. A cayenne douche, and cayenne orally always does the trick.

I have also used it, rectally for severe rectal bleeding, and, yes, before you ask me, it is intense, it's painful, but, it saves lives. A teaspoon of cayenne pepper in warm water, injected using a rectal syringe, stops the bleeding.

BISER: You told me you even used cayenne pepper on newborn babies.

SCHULZE: If a baby is in trouble, and needs reviving, or just a good push to be on earth, a few drops of cayenne tincture, diluted 50% with water, on the mouth, lips, or tongue, will do the trick. I have done this many times. Also, some warm water with a little cayenne in it ---- you can massage this water around the baby ---- really brings them around.

BISER: You said that our readers are using the wrong forms of cayenne. What do you mean?

SCHULZE: First of all, everyone buys commercial cayenne at the health food store. No-one realizes that most of the cayenne is imported from overseas. Further; cayenne is one of the most sprayed crops there is.

Cayenne is part of the tomato family and is highly prone to insects. I have seen fields of cayenne pepper where the clouds of white pesticides around the cayenne plants was so thick you couldn't even see the peppers.

On top of this, your readers are getting weak cayenne. When Dr. Christopher, my great teacher, used to use cayenne in his famous healings, he was talking about what he called Mexican bird peppers. These peppers are about 200,000 or more heat units. Compare that to the 40,000 H.U. stuff the herbal companies sell you.

BISER: Before we talk about the medicinal uses of cayenne pepper many of my readers have been confused over the difference between cayenne pepper capsicum, the african bird peppers that Dr Christopher used to talk about, and chili peppers. Which one should they use?

SCHULZE: They are basically the same thing.

All hot peppers are botanically called capsicum. Depending on the various species, they are put into different groups: capsicum annum, capsicum frutescens, some even describing their place of origin, such as; capsicum japonica (Japan) and capsicum mexicana (Mexico).

The bottom line: all hot peppers are capsicum. The name cayenne just refers to one variety of capsicum but, over the years, this name has become synonymous with capsicum and is used, generally, to refer to most hot varieties of chilies. All varieties can be used in the same way and have the same medicinal value.

BISER: Which varieties are more potent?

SCHULZE: What determines the potency of cayenne is not the name it's called but the intensity of its heat, which is determined by the quantity of the potent chemicals in cayenne, capsaicin, and its resins. The more of these chemicals that are in cayenne, the hotter it is, and also the stronger and more effective it is in healing.

The heat is measured in heat units, incorrectly called B.T.U.'s (British Thermal Units) but correctly called Scoville Units, or just heat units. All capsicum is rated between 0 and 300,000 heat units. Paprika has no heat and is rated 0 heat units. Most actual cayenne peppers are rated between 30,000 and 80,000. Jalapeno peppers are between 50,000 and 80,000. Serrano peppers are at about 100,000. African bird peppers are about 200,000 and Mexican habaneros are between 250,000 and 300,000.

"The Best Cayenne Can be Bought Right at Your Local Grocery Store."

BISER: O.K, so all hot peppers are capsicum, and are called cayenne, and all are medicinal. But where do you buy the best?

SCHULZE: Although most people think the best cayenne is found in capsules from herb companies, or in bulk jars at the health food store, usually the best is found right in your local grocery store.

BISER: The grocery store? They have cayenne pepper?

SCHULZE: Absolutely Almost every major grocery store in this country sells a variety of fresh hot chili peppers in the produce section. And, if you don't see any just ask the produce manager to order some for you. Ask for a variety such as: jalapeno, serrano, habanero, cayenne or any hot peppers they can buy.

These fresh peppers will also contain much more vitamin A and vitamin C that is reduced in the drying and processing of cayenne.

If you have an organic market in your area, they will also sell organic peppers. If you don't buy organic, wash with a little soap and scrub lightly before use.

Remember that equatorial peoples generally eat spicier food and this includes lots of cayenne pepper. If you have an area of your town where Mexicans, South Americans, Caribbeans, Africans, East Indians, Chinese, South East Asians, etc., live, you will certainly find some great hot peppers in their local produce markets.

Don't be afraid to venture into these stores and neighborhoods. You will usually find a great assortment of foods and herbs.

BISER: Can people grow these peppers?

SCHULZE: Sure. It's easy, and peppers grow very fast. You can grow them outside, in a few months, anywhere in the country during spring and summer, and year-round inside your house in a sunny area.

You can buy seeds from your local nursery or, for great organic seeds, there is a source listed at the end of this interview It is much easier to grow them from small plants though, which you can buy from any nursery

BISER: But, how do you use fresh peppers?

SCHULZE: Easy. You can use them fresh in salads or in cooking. In vegetable broths, anything. If you want to dry them, just cut them in half or quarters, string them together with a needle and cotton thread, and hang them around the kitchen --- not in sunlight ---- until they are dried.

You can even use a food dehydrator, if you have one. Once they are completely dried, you can store them in canning jars. You can even put them in a small electric coffee grinder and make powder in seconds, which you can hand-encapsulate, yourself.

Personally I put a mixture of various fresh chili peppers in the blender with some extra virgin olive oil, blend for just a minute, refrigerate, and put this hot sauce on any food I want. This is one of the best and easiest ways to add cayenne to your diet.

Unknown Facts About Cayenne Pepper And Health (Part 2)

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