Fast Fruit Facts

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Fast Fruit Facts
Amazingly enough, fruit has some wonderful qualities that can enhance life in many ways. While it may appear to be a challenge to incorporate fruit into the daily lifestyle — weather the 2–3 trips to the grocery store seem time consuming, cutting fruit up and storing fruit in containers, or bringing fruit with you to work each day can be taxing — this list is quite shorter than the list of reasons why fruit can benefit your daily life.

Of course, consistency is key. It is often believed that eating fruit 5–10 times a day does make a difference. So, let’s check out the benefits…

Top Ten Reasons to Eat Fruit

1. Fruit is a natural sugar that can stimulate your memory, provides fuel for your body, and gives you energy.

2. Fruit is filled with vitamins and minerals, including A, C, D, and B. Whole Vitamins can help retain bone strength and keep the immune system in check.

Fast Fruit Facts
3. Fruit contain natural fibers. Increased fiber intake helps fight against high blood pressure, heart disease and digestive conditions.

4. Fruit is 80% water to help supplement necessary H2O intake requirements each day.

5. Fruit does not contain bad-cholesterol.

6. Colored fruits have 3-4 times more antioxidants than uncolored fruits.

7. Fruit helps nurture great skin.

8. Fruit can stimulate up to 10,000 taste buds with delicious pleasure.

9. Fruits are high in protein.

10. Fruits are easy to digest.

Easy and Fun Fruit Ideas

1. Send a Fruit Bouquet to yourself or a friend- share it with others during every special occasion!

2. Create fruit platters in your refrigerator!

3. Craft a fruit dip- with marshmallow cream and cream cheese.

4. Explore with your taste buds- like strawberries on the tip of your tongue.

5. Order organic fresh fruit online to easy the delivery challenge.

6. Celebrate your new commitment to fruit today!


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